Sunday, October 14, 2007

Possibly my last two door hangers for this holiday??? I usually don't add ribbon on both the top & sides, but I felt the first one needed more orange color. Not as happy with it as I'd hoped to be. Still looking to improve it before I give it to the intended recipient. My friend, Ilene, accidentally left her buttons here on Friday. She'd said I could use some, so the idea hit me to put her shank buttons on the ribbon as slides. These both use the same paper and embellishments as my previous ones. Hope the recipients enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them!


Gwen Snater said...

Hey! I think they are great!! love the shank buttons! cute idea!! I ended up working today as someone was out sick...So I don NOTHING crafty:-(

chelemom said...


Tina said...

Lovely door-hangers!

Marge Robertson said...

Thanks so much for looking @ my little blog, Chelemom & Tina!!! Credit for these darling door hangers truly belongs to my friend & co-blogger (without whose encouragement I'd never have attempted this blog), Gwen @ She's listed under my favs, so check out her awesome blog site!!!

Sharon said...

Hi Marge!
My door-hanger is famous! It's on the World Wide Web! Thank you so much for the gift; it was a big surprise and I love it. "One of these days..." I would like to create cards and scrapbooks. I'm slowly collecting needed supplies. Hopefully we'll get to visit in person soon. (and maybe you'll share some tricks of the trade!) :o)
Have a great day!

Marge Robertson said...

Hi Sharon!
I can't wait to meet you; I think we'll really hit it off! I'm so glad you were surprised & that you like your door hanger; I made that one just for you! We'll have fun sharing ideas & I have lots of supplies I'll share! Thank you so much for looking around & for your comment. :<)


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