Saturday, January 5, 2008

UHU Glue Stick Review

I received a complimentary UHU Glue Stick courtesy of Maria Filosa ( in exchange for reviewing the product. I told her in my request that I was not a fan of glue sticks, as they did not perform well for me. Therefore, I am thrilled to say that UHU has won me over and I'm now a believer! I used the purple-colored glue stick (which turns clear when dry) on several projects. Those include the Christmas treat box (posted originally Dec. 17th) as well as the interior sides of a second chipboard coaster box, similar to the one posted Nov. 25th. The inside covering on this box, a heavy (80 lb. Classic Columns) cover stock, is securely glued, even after I punched 5 holes on each side for lacing the sides together. The UHU Glue Stick was easy to use in both these projects wherein I needed to completely cover the surfaces I was attaching. My only issue initially was not applying enough glue, but once I corrected that faux pas, it adhered well. I will purchase this product in the future and keep it on hand as a vital part of my papercrafting arsenal! With an approximate retail price of $2.10 for a .74 ounce stick, I think it's a great value!


Kim said...

Wow I'm always on the outlook for new products. What great work you do! Kim sbs8

Gwen Snater said...

Cool! have never heard of it b-4...can I get it at Michales????

gluewithuhu said...

Thank you so much for the review Marge and I'm so glad you liked the product. To answer Gwen Snater's question, yes UHU Glue Stics are available at Michael's.


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