Sunday, January 27, 2008

Spread the Love Award!!!

My dear sweet friend and fellow SBS8 Sister, Gwen @, without whom I would not even be blogging, has given me a spread the love award! (I told you she was sweet!) She's also way more talented than she even realizes, as you'll see if you go to her blog!!! The purpose of this award is to spread blog love around to others through support and those ever-so-wonderful comments that I LOVE to receive!!! Therefore, I'm now spreading the love to my new sisters in SBS8:
1) Debby @ across the pond, who never fails to leave a loving comment on my posts. It's fun to see cardmaking/scrapbooking from people in another country.
2) Kathy @, who is on the opposite side of the country from me and a new blogger like me who I think is enjoying all her new sisters as much as I am.
3) Han @, who I'm enjoying getting to know and just seems like someone I'd befriend if I ever met her in person!
I'd also like to spread the love to : Chat @, who's a fellow Arizonan and whose cards I would love to totally copy. Love your style, Chat!!!

So, ladies, now it's your turn to spread the love!!! ;-)

1 comment:

Han said...

Thank you this is really kind xx


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