Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sew, Sometimes I Craft Without (#24). . .

paper.  Another in my sewing series today, an additional pattern from the one I used in my previous post. You can sew a jumper or a sundress and even add the simple button-up blouse under/over this sundress!

This pattern is by JenWren and can be found here and be sure to visit her blog for other doll patterns, MANY of which are FREE!  She's very talented, very generous and shares a LOT about many dolls in all sizes, as well as historical information!  ;`)

Kit was happy to pose today in our summer heat, managing to stay cool as a cucumber on our patio in her new sundress with coordinating red shoes and barrette!

Think I'll make a simple blouse in white with puffed sleeves this time (same as one in my previous post, but there are 2 sleeve choices!) as a little throw-on for when Kit's feeling chilled. Here in the desert SW I have several tops/sweaters handy @ home and in my car, as I hate when my arms/shoulders get cold. 

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