Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Card Toppers RAK

Pictured are the card toppers along with a card Tina sent me for our SBS22 RAK exchange this month -- aren't they just awesome?!!! I love them, Tina, and will be gearing up here soon for my annual Christmas card-making extravaganza! I'm not one who terribly enjoys making more than 2 or 3 of one particular card as a rule, so getting 45+ Christmas cards done is always a big undertaking! Unfortunately, it's very hard for me to make many different designs and then make up my mind who to send them to, so I eventually decide on 1 design & make them all the same. I usually lean more towards "elegant", which means more work embossing, etc., so at least this year I already have 2 cards practically done, thanks to Tina! **U**


Kathy W said...

fun mail, I make my cards every year- up to about 70. That's why I start in October and just do production line- do all the steps 70 times.

Gwen said...

Very cool!!! time is ticking isn't it!!! better get to it!!

spikescreativeside said...

It looks great! With the fear of looking stoopid...what is a card topper exactly? Is it the same as a card front? (this is probably why I didn't sign up for the swap!) LOL


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