Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Father's Day Card for Cards for Heroes

You know how they say, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions"? Well all I can tell you is it's really nice to know that I'll be traveling on a well-paved road in my future!!! ;-}
I promised my SBS8 sister, Kim, that I'd send Mother's Day and Father's Day cards to Cards for Heroes, which I think is a fabulous idea, until I realized that I'd procrastinated so long I'm way too late to get any to the folks who then have to get them overseas to the troops so that they can mail them back to the USA for Mother's Day. Why such a terrible procrastinator would even think she would do that in a timely fashion is beyond me -- oh wait, that procrastinator is ME . . . .
Okay, I'm going to at least fulfill the 1/2 of my promise I can still get done in time. I'm making myself feel less awful (at least a teeny bit) by reminding myself that "guy" cards are way harder and thus more time-consuming to do than girly cards. Therefore, they'll probably receive less of them and all will be "almost" right in the world! Hey, if I try hard enough, maybe I can travel a different road in my future -- hope springs eternal!!!
For this manly card I used DCWV DP on speckled cardstock and simply added "Dad".
Paper: Speckled cardstock; DCWV Extreme Paper Stack
Embellishments: Sizzix Wingo Zingo Alphabet Decorative Strip; Ranger Perfect Pearls (Perfect Bronze); Hero Arts Swirly Wire Accents
"Ink": Superior's Palette Stamp & Stick Gluepad


Gwen said...

Gooooorgeous!!! love it!...but am I to understand you did not stamp that leaf on the paper??? & don't worry...I am on the path just behind you! I will keep you company ;)

Kim said...

Wow I love it! Manly cards are so hard and you made a great one. Thanks for supporting a great cause! Kim sbs8

Anonymous said...

My dad would like this!


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