Monday, May 11, 2015

Sew, Sometimes I Craft Without (#23) . . .

paper, but with fabric, of course!  Having received my very first Mattel American Girl doll, I just had to complete this sweet outfit and share it.  I chose Kit because I just think she's so darn cute with that sweet little blonde bob and that short straight hair makes her the perfect model for fittings.  Jen had run a poll recently asking us to vote for which BeForever Limited Edition Set we'd like her to create a pattern for and this was the winner (and my choice too since I'd been eyeing Kit for awhile)!

For her first modeling gig, Kit's wearing Wren*Feathers' 1930's Farm Outfit which includes the button-front blouse and overalls. Of course, our backdrop is SW desert backyard, but I think Kit looks ever-so-fashionable 1930's-style this cool spring day standing by our blooming bougainvillea in the sun!

I was able to just barely eek out enough from my fat quarter blouse fabric/overall lining to fashion a tie-back for Kit's hair as seen @ American's Chicken-Keeping Set
which is adorable, but back-ordered until the middle of August. I think the tie just completes the whole look.

Also included in this historical pattern is a puffed sleeve version of the blouse and a skirt to turn the overalls into a jumper or sundress and I've stumbled upon the perfect fabric in my stash for just that in keeping with Kit's story line, so check back soon! ;')

I also think Kit would be very sweet dressed as a modern girl, so you know I'll be sewing and sharing more outfits for her as time permits! Love to have you stop by and perhaps also leave a comment!

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