Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sew, Sometimes I Craft Without (#25) . . .

paper -- the norm around here lately, it seems!  So enjoying my 18-inch American Girl (and a few other) dolls, including the newest addition:  Julie (circa 1974), whom our DD wanted (and I 'may have' too -- just sayin'!

Julie is here today to model her brand-new California Baja  - 'a light-weight woven unisex top which can be worn as a jacket or shirt. Easily recognizable by its vertical and horizontal striped design elements, this doll-size version is a replica of the iconic summer wear, which was introduced to the US from Baja California in the 1970s.  Off-the-shoulder sleeves, side slits, and fringe keep the Baja popular today at bonfires on the beach or campfires in the mountains'.

This Flossie Potter pattern (sold @ PixieFaire) has easy-to-understand, clear sewing directions to quickly add this great staple to Julie's '70's wardrobe -- LOVE it!!!  Thinking her brother Henry may want to borrow this, but never fear, I have yet another striped fabric I'm dying to sew. Once it's done, I think Julie will be fine with loaning out this piece, but Henry will definitely be needing some bell bottoms.

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