Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas Treat Box/Basket

The tutorial for this box, another wonderful creation by Beate, is available @: I've shown it both empty and with mixed nuts and candy in it, but it needed some candy canes for added pizazz! It's more time-consuming than the ones we made for Halloween & takes a lot of gluing, but it's such a great size for many fillers. One

solution would be to use a double-sided card stock to make it quicker and it would require less paper cutting, piecing and gluing. You could line it with cellophane, then add cookies, candy, caramel corn, or potpourri; or simply add bath products for the ladies or golf balls/tees for the guys -- I think it has infinite possibilities! The ribbon can be tied tightly or loosely to suit your needs on this project, depending on what treats you wish to add inside.

Paper: Provo Craft Holiday Slab V; solid 12" cardstock

Embellishments: Eyelets: 8; Ribbon: 24" inches


Gwen Snater said...

Hey that looks great!! it is much bigger than I thought. not sure if I will have time to try one or not.

Sue Lelli said...

Looks like a LOT of work, Marge but so well worth it! The treats look so festive in it!


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