Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sew, Sometimes I Craft Without (No. 8) . . .

paper and that's just what I've mainly been up to lately.  I had an uncontrollable urge all the while I was making Christmas cards last Fall to be sewing doll clothes, mostly coats (for some unknown reason) and have one I hope to be able to finish up and post soon.  However, there's a new beautiful 18" lady residing here and I just had to sew her something new to wear.

Truthfully, I made this fun reversible wrap halter top previously for my vintage American Girl Dolls (larger than Mattel's) and it works okay, but I'd prefer both the neck and front ties a bit longer, so I think Kyla (a Journey Girl doll from ToysRUs) will be sporting this from now on. Besides, since she came with orange gladiator sandals and white denim pants, this top works perfectly/reverses to an orange/white print and the skirt gives her mix/match options.

A 'little birdie' (pun intended, Jen!) told me that these dolls were excellent for the price and when I actually saw them, I couldn't resist. Her eyes & lashes are gorgeous and her hair is so soft! I'm really sorry I didn't get Dana too when I was there, as she is so cute with her short hair and glasses and will have to come live here soon!

Kyla's darling skirt is a pattern that I'd LOVE to have in my DD's new svelte size and she could really use new clothes right now and is a total skirt/dress-wearing girl anyway! I'd even love this gathered pocket skirt myself -- sigh! Luckily for you the doll-size pattern is FREE @ the link below -- enjoy!!!

Gathered Pocket Skirt: http://jenwrenne.wordpress.com/2013/09/16/happy-autumn/  Take some time to look around, as Jen has many darling patterns you'll love -- quite a few free and for sale!

Unfortunately, the reversible wrap top was a free pattern, but appears to no longer be available from Even Ada Couture -- sorry!


Kristi Schurr said...

Hey Marge! Been thinking of you and thought I'd pop over to see what you've been up to. I hope you've been able to sew up a storm!♥

1CardCreator said...

Hi Marge, beautiful outfit, you sew so beautifully! I bet you could make one of these for you and your daughter! Hope you are doing well, we are. Sick of the snow though, lol. ~Diane

Shona said...

Hi Marge! Miss You!


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