Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Sheri Crafts #121: Nighttime!

My Sheri Crafts 'nighttime' theme this week reminded me of a pair of owls that had taken up residence in our former Phoenix neighborhood. We lived very near the Indian Reservation there also and since our older, established neighborhood had lots of big  trees and some 2-story homes it attracted owls. Sitting atop the chimney of our next-door neighbor's house, the male would have a conversation with Mrs. Owl! It was always a joy to fall asleep listening to them, almost like he was guarding the area, though I doubt the smaller critters he was hunting felt very safe!

Several variations of 'toilet paper or paper towel roll' owls can be found online at Pinterest and a friend sent the Bazzill blog link where a mutual friend shared hers. They are so fun and a great creative activity for kids as well! Using SEI's older Madera Island CS I covered both rolls. Then you simply fold down the back and front at the center to form the ears. Mr. Owl has wiggle eyes, while Mrs. Owl's are made with pearl brads and stick-on enamel dots. I used a Spellbinders' leaf die to cut wings from CS/felt and  beaks were hand cut from velvet paper. The possibilities are endless for embellishing your owls, so just let the creativity flow and have FUN!!! Hope to see your version of 'nighttime' posted over @ My Sheri Crafts!


Sandy Palmer said...

Oh wow, what wonderful fall decorations for the home! They are so cute!!! :)

Kristi Schurr said...

Omg, Marge! LOVE THESE! You can pack them up and send them to me!LOL

Mayra Duran-Hernandez said...

These are amazing ! They are perfect to decorate with ! Love these !


Sue Crease said...

This pair are just wonderful. I have a friend who loves owls I am taking this in to show her on Tue in work. Great job.
Hugs. Sue

Sarah said...

Marge these are awesome! Wonderful job!

Paper Squirrel said...

These are SO CUTE! Love the flowers behind the googly eyes...just perfect!

Raquel said...

OMG! Too cute! I never thought of toilet paper towel rolls when I first saw this. Great way to recycle. Love this project


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