Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Love Your Blog Award

My SBS22 sister, Julanne, recently gave me this award. Thanks, Julanne! Stop by her blog & leave her a comment soon!
I'm very lucky to belong to this talented group of ladies and I'm very much looking forward to all the wonderful ideas, challenges and papercrafting opportunities that await us!!!
I'm purposely nominating bloggers outside our SBS22 group, as I very much enjoy perusing their blogs and I want my sisters to be able to expand their horizons in this big world of multi-talented folks! I therefore
nominate for this award: Claire, Glee, Jak, Latisha, Monique, Regan and Jennifer.


Glee said...

Marge, you just made me cry....I am so honored that you would want to share this award with me! Thank you so very much, my Friend!
You just made my day! You are so dear!

Latisha said...

Thank you, so very sweet. I will have to post it tomorrow :)

Jak said...

Thank you Marge, that is so sweet of you to award me.
I have already received an award like this one and it is showing on my blog but I will accept it again with gratitude so once again thanks.
Jak x

Claire Brennan said...

Marge - thank you very much - I am touched - I took the opportunity to add you to my Blogroll - I meant to do this ages ago but I hope you don't mind. Lol - Thanks again.

Jenn said...

Marge, thank you so much!


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