Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Sheri Crafts Challenge #95: It's Picking Time!

Time for another My Sheri Crafts Challenge -- it's 'picking time', so we're asking you to include a pumpkin or apple on your project.  I took 'artistic license' and went with my 'pumpkin' in the form of a jack-o-lantern face on my burlap silverware (or plastic ware) holders -- Hee!!!

My first glimpse of the original idea for these with a gorgeous flower was here on Pinterest -- of course! Since I'd recently purchased a bunch of burlap in several colors (can you say 'new obsession'?), I just had to modify these to work for either a dinner table or an outdoor get-together with plastic ware, especially if you're doing something around Halloween for a child's or even adult's party. Thanks, sweet friend, for that clever idea -- add a little fun to a party and keep it simple when it comes to clean-up!
Then, inspiration struck as I was writing this post and it was back to the 'drawing board', as I had the idea for the apple -- great for back-to-school with any number of items tucked inside other than silverware -- pencils, pens, ruler, bookmark, large candy bar -- I'm sure many Moms, most children and certainly all teachers could think of dozens of ideas?!  Might be a cute/inexpensive idea for the upcoming fall/Christmas/winter holidays!!! NOW my head is spinning again and I don't even have any school-age children!!!

Cut burlap 14 1/2" long by 4" wide
Fold over 1 1/2" and zigzag stitch about 1/2" from raw edge (forgot
this on cream holder, but no big deal)
Fold bottom up 5 1/4" from last fold
Stamp with paint (I slipped bottom of holder under my craft mat at fold and stamped, then just wiped paint off mat where it bled through fabric -- easy/peasy!)
Once paint is dry, zigzag stitch up right side from bottom edge, in about 3/8 to 1/2", across top and down left side
Pull long threads from top/both sides for fringe 

NOTE: These are not washable, spot clean only, but burlap is sooo inexpensive and once you have the measurements, which I've included here, they are sooo quick/easy to whip up!

To create my orange/tan holder, I cut 1 piece from each color and layered tan atop orange and made per above directions. For my face, I merely cut pieces of craft foam for stamps and attached to acrylic block with 1/2" wide strips of Scor-Tape, squirted on a dollop of black craft paint, smoothed it out a bit with a sponge brush and stamped, beginning with the mouth, then nose & eyes for easy lining up -- simple/easy/non-perfectionistic!
Apple was stamped using . . . an apple, of course! Found a Pink Lady that had a tiny spoiled spot, so perfect for my needs!  Cut in half, spread my red paint with a sponge brush, stamped (had to do a little touch-up as my cut wasn't perfectly 'flat'), cut a Spellbinders's leaf from craft foam, and took the actual stem, held with a tweezers, dipped in brown paint, and added a bit of touch-up to the stem. If I can do it, you CAN TOO!
Hope you enjoy making these and hope you'll come up with an idea for a project for My Sheri Crafts to share with us too -- look forward to seeing your crafty pumpkin/apple idea -- hmmm, now another idea just hit me -- time to cut more burlap!!!  ;-)


Sandy Palmer said...

Wow, Marge, I see you have found more ways to use that burlap, lol! Fabulous, and fun all at the same time!

Sue Lelli said...

Darling, Marge! LOVE how you showed how they could be made for so many things! Didn't notice the plasticware until you pointed it out but the black was PERFECT! FUN fall project!

Glenda said...

Such cute and clever burlap bags! Love all the different ideas you shared! Now I must add burlap to my list!

Raquel said...

Wow Marge! This is such a great project and so versatile as you've shown it. Love it!

Mary Jo said...

Those are way to cute. Love what you did with the burlap

1CardCreator said...

Love these, what a brilliant idea!

Lisa said...

Wow, these are so fabulous!! What a great use of burlap!! I have to try these!!

A Mermaid's Crafts

Sarah said...

Oh Marge I just love this idea!!!! They are adorable! Thanks for the idea and the directions!


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