Monday, April 20, 2009

Designing Devas @ CKC Convention - Mesa

My sassy friend, Ilene, and sweet friend, Gwen, @ our CKC Convention in Mesa on Friday morning. Suffice it to say that we had a fabulous time, got loads of exercise walking & "weight lifting" (our totes full of product & class supplies), had 2 fantastic classes (not bad - 2 out of 3), were totally exhausted by Sat. @ 5:00 p.m. and spent waaaay too much money (but please don't tell our hubbies)!!! ;-) Though we were heartbroken that Spellbinders did not host a booth, we still managed to have a great time, find lots of bargains, and enjoy ourselves tremendously!
The Technique Tuesday card class, A Greeting for Every Reason, was AWESOME, both in terms of product, techniques, prizes, useful tips and quality teaching! Best teacher I've ever had in any class (a former college professor, so not surprising)! Our Paper Crafts Joy of Card Making class by Phoenix's own Kim Kesti was equally fabulous!

If you ever get an opportunity to attend a CKC Convention anywhere, we wholeheartedly recommend it!!!


Glee said...

Oh, I wish I could have joined you sounds like you had a blast! I do go to the one in Portland each year -- don't take any classes but shop a lot! Our son, Rob, who lives in Portland loves to go with us to the convention since he is into card making and scrapbooking! Of course, he enjoys spending the $$$$ I always give him -- never thought about it but maybe that is why he goes! LOL!!!!!

marianne-g said...

Hey! Sorry I missed you at CKC. I was right in the front lobby helping at the bookstore. After that I went shopping and boy was I tired. I've never taken a class but maybe next time.

Gwen said...

Sure was fun Marge!!!!! Can't wait 'till next year!!!! We better start saving now!!! LOL!!!!

Kelly said...

Sounds like fun - glad you girls had a great time! :)

Sassy said...

love your baby sock. to darn cute. Yes we did have a great time 2 CKC. and definetly don't tell our husband how much we spent. take care, Paper - -


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