Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Some Bunny Loves You!

Ever had one of those days where everything hits you wrong & you just want to cry because you feel like you can't cope & you're such a disappointment to everyone you really care about? That was my yesterday, but I talked to everyone I felt like I'd disappointed/failed and by the time I went to sleep, I knew it will all be okay. Just take each day one at a time & stop stressing over things in life that come up & you just cannot control/change -- seems so simple/logical now! Stuff happens & it always will -- all at once in a big lump too; never slow/easy/one thing at a time -- nope, not gonna happen that way! ;-) Thank God for sweet, understanding friends/family that make it all worth it & who are there for you when you truly feel like a failure. Crying sometimes helps, but mostly it just causes me sinus congestion & a headache, but that's just another one of those things I can't control.
Soooooo, my solution to getting over my headache was to papercraft, of course! Everything else got put on hold last night & I got out my new little $1 Studio G stamps and my bright, spring colors and Some Bunny Loves You is the result! Hope you like him because he made me feel brighter & more hopeful, just like spring does!!! I have to tell you this simple card layout is becoming an all-time favorite because it's so adaptable to so many punch shapes & so easy to dress up or down/make cutesy or elegant, as my friend Ilene just mentioned yesterday. It's the same basic layout I used for Simple Punched Thank You Card posted on January 9th and the Black & White Floral Rosette card posted on January 3rd! I'm lovin' it!!! Hmmmm, would maybe be a good one for an SBS8 Challenge!!!
Paper: DCWV Spring Easter DP; The Paper Company Color Connect Texture in Lilac
Stamp: Studio G
Punch: Marvy Uchida 1 3/4" Square
Embellishments: Colored Pencils/Chalks; Making Memories Funky Fibers in Watercolor Brite; $ Store small q-tips for nose & paws


Gwen Snater said...

Awwww he is so cute isn't he!! glad you are feeling today..all will work out :)

That is a great layout!! I saw all the ones Ilene did too...I want to try one! do I feel la challenge coming on???

debby4000 said...

Fabulous card, the bunny is so cute.
Sorry to hear you've had such a bad day, sending a huge hug.

Han said...

Hope you are feeling better sorry about your day - your card is very cute. xx

Kim said...

Wow that is so cute!!! Have a better day today. Kim sbs8

kraftykathy1 said...

Oh, he is a happy card! I hope you had some wine or chocolate to make you feel better while you created. Sorry you had a bad day
cyber hugs ooooo

Frances said...

Ooo, the bunny's so cute and I loved how you used the cotton buds (sorry, q-tips to you :D).

Hope today's been a better day!

Claudia said...

fabulous card. hope you are feeling better?

Mary said...

Wishing you huge e-hugs and a much better day today. Bunnies make me happy, stamping makes me happy...your card cheered me up!


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