Saturday, March 8, 2008

Seattle or Bust -- I'm Baaaaaack!!! :-)

After an arduous 3,000+ mile trip to Seattle, WA & back by minivan, I'm home and anxious to get started catching up on all your blogs, as well as creating/posting on my own. We helped get our daughter and her co-worker/roommate moved/settled. We also were able to visit our son and meet his girlfriend, which was truly the highlight of our trip! They took us to Pike Place Market where we had lunch and roamed through the marketplace, enjoying the many shops and sights! Just before leaving Seattle our son pointed us down California Ave., where we could find Bakery Nouveau, a wonderful shop that has the most delicious croissants I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy, truly! That's probably because William Leaman, captain of the gold-medal U.S. team in the 2005 World Cup of Baking, opened his own bakery just minutes from our son's house. Now I need to start a diet more than ever; I'm just thankful it was our last day there before we found this bakery -- hee-hee!!! If you ever get to West Seattle, don't miss it!

I was also delighted to locate Friends and Company (Rubber Stamping and More) ( nearby where I purchased my first Dew Drops by The Robin's Nest (, with which I'm anxious to create something new for spring very soon!!! As we were literally on our way out of town, I didn't have near enough time to spend shopping as I'd have liked, but Doris was nice to visit with and very helpful. Though I'd very hurriedly stamped a few business cards with my blog address right before we left and my pigment ink on glossy paper didn't dry, but instead smeared badly, I still gave Doris one, assuring her I really could stamp -- I hope she believed me! ;-)

I've missed being able to really keep up on my emails/blog/your blogs. Even though I always take my laptop when we travel, I'm not always so successful using internet connections at various motels. Often if I can connect, the connection is so slow & most emails will not successfully go though that I just shut down my computer and give up. I'm not thrilled having to operate without a firewall either, so maybe in the future I can remedy all that with my own WiFi subscription. My husband understands all that better than I, so that's a discussion for another time!

For now I'm just glad to be home and able to sleep in my own king-size bed! Amidst all the unpacking/laundry tomorrow, hopefully I can get my creative juices flowing again! Thanks for checking in with me and keep checking back. I'll also be checking in on all your blogs to see the wonderful creations I've been unable to enjoy this past 2 weeks!


Gwen said...

So glad you to have you back! Happy you had a safe trip!!!!

Kelly said...

Welcome back, Marge. Sounds like you had a great trip. :)

kraftykathy1 said...

welcome back, can't wait to see your new creations.

debby4000 said...

Sounds like you had a great time, glad to have you back.

Frances said...

sounds like you had a wonderful time but nothing beats getting back to your own bed at home is there?!!


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