Friday, March 6, 2015

Sew, Sometimes I Craft Without (#22) . . .

paper.  My sewing enjoyment remains and the flood of new patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes (though I prefer 18") keeps me excited to sew more.  However, my nearly three-year-old sewing machine hasn't been very well behaved lately, so I 'hospitalized' it on Wednesday.  Since it's electronic, it had to be shipped from the East Valley to the West Valley for service.  Ugh, a whole week without it finds me sooo wanting to sew.  I think I'll print out more yet-to-be sewn patterns and get some cut out in the interim and be ready to truly put it to the test when I finally get it back.

In the meantime, here's the latest completed creation, made for my dear friend Marilyn's Journey Girl Doll from ToysRUs, Meredith (modeled by my Meredith).

Meredith's sundress for spring/summer fun @ Lake Minnetonka in MN!
I apologize for the too-sunny BG, but I snapped a quick pick shortly before I wrapped this little sundress up to take it to its new owner.  Marilyn bought the very fabric I'd purchased recently, as well as the cute daisy trim she wanted.  Once I had sewn it on, I thought it would really be cute to add tiny green beads to the center of each flower -- she liked them also!  ')

Top from original pattern


Wren*Feathers' Heirloom Sundress served as my starting point.  It's a FREE pattern on Jen's fabulous blog created for KidznCats (which are smaller than Journey Girls) and has a drop waist.  It wasn't difficult to up-size, by adding 1/4" at the front fold and cutting it wider @ center back to close using Velcro (rather than adding button bands that her historically-proper dress requires).  I first made a top for my Meredith in order to better fit the sundress for Marilyn at her doll's natural waistline.  I then knew how much to take in the side seams for a better-fitting waistline in which to add the gathered skirt she wanted.  I also decided to lengthen the straps a bit and criss-cross them in back. My Meredith earned a sweet little top for her many fittings to wear with her existing white jeans (borrowed from Kyla, another JG doll)!

If you're looking for LOTS of fabulous patterns for many different dolls and great historical information and tutorials, go check out Jen's website at the link above.  She has many free patterns and then you can show her your appreciation by purchasing some from her Etsy shop (link at top of her blog).  Enjoy!!!  ;)

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Glenda said...

Pretty sundress! Great job! Hope you get the machine back soon!



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