Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Boss Kut Gazelle: Vinyl Tile

I finally made my first monogram decor gift using vinyl. While in Lowe's earlier this fall with friends, I saw these 6-inch tiles on a clearance table for 20 cents each -- I grabbed five of them with this very project in mind, knowing at that price I couldn't go wrong.

I was a bit unsure where to find fancy monogram files and actually attempted to design my own, but wasn't terribly successful -- plan to work on that in the future, maybe in the summer when life slows down a bit?!

I recently went online to myvinyldesigner.com/ and purchased this FABULOUS downloadable file. Not surprisingly, my Boss Kut Gazelle easily and beautifully cut this intricate file! If you have a digital cutter, be sure to check out their great selection of files available in all cutter formats.

Admittedly on this smaller tile, the weeding of the unnecessary pieces is a bit tedious, mostly because I just couldn't wait to transfer the finished monogram to my tile to see the finished product!!! Now I'm on the hunt to find some reasonably-priced easels to properly display these!


Sue Lelli said...

WOW, Marge! What a GREAT gift these would be! I could definitely see my name on one of those! LOL! Happy New Year my blog friend!!!

Regina Hamilton said...

Wow.....That's beautiful. I have to agree with Sue, I could definitely see my name on one of these too...LOL. You really came out strong on your 2013 projects. Happy New Year.

Lisa said...

This is so gorgeous, Marge!! And what a great idea!! I love how it looks!! Happy 2013 :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

1CardCreator said...

This turned out awesome Marge, I love the monogram you chose too! ~Diane


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