Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sew, Sometimes I Craft Without (#20) . . .

. . . paper, as many of you visiting here know!  Once I saw this sweet FREE pattern from Many Small Friends including the perfect French graphic from The Graphics Fairy, I couldn't resist making an apron for my Gotz May (Pottery Barn Kids) doll, as she's a baker/chef who came with a rolling pin and chef's hat, but no apron! ;/

I definitely plan to make her one in pink and turquoise to better match her pink chef's jacket and 2015 American GOTY Grace's baking set, but I wanted to see first IF my printer would print well on fabric.  I had a small scrap of red fabric that would compliment her black/white hounds tooth check pants and chef's hat IF my printer cooperated,  SOOO . . . I had to try my luck!

Everything worked beautifully, except my brain -- as I realized AFTER I had my graphic printed and perfectly centered on my pocket that (DUH!) it's supposed to be centered near the top of the apron itself!  Oh my -- I didn't have enough fabric for another pocket, so just went with it -- LOL!  Since I had 'goofed' on the graphic placement, I had to make my pocket into thirds instead of halves, but I think it works well.  I left my bias tape longer to tie in a bow around her waist, just in case one of my older AGs want to borrow the apron. I did use Velcro on the neck strap though.

I learned along the way that the pigment ink my Canon MX860 uses is best for fabric printing, so I'm psyched now to get some personalized sewing labels made for my doll clothes.

Just LOVE how sweet May looks in her apron and chef's hat, rolling pin in hand!  So appreciative for the fabulous apron pattern, Stephanie, and perfect graphic, Karen, and next time I'll put it up where it belongs!  ;)

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